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Is LinkedIn right for my business?

Posted by Brian Hardie on May 2, 2018 12:17:00 PM

We originally wrote this post way back in 2016, a lifetime in social media years. Since then, LinkedIn has been acquired by Microsoft and the platform has undergone some significant changes. It’s time for a fresh look at what’s changed.

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GDPR: Why you should be legitimately interested

Posted by Brian Hardie on Apr 18, 2018 1:04:39 PM


GDPR is going to change the face of marketing - and mostly for the better. In many ways, the new data protection laws will encourage businesses to adopt best practice, and strongly discourage the quick-fix approaches that often give marketing a bad name.

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How to stop wasting money on marketing

Posted by Brian Hardie on Apr 5, 2018 11:44:34 AM


Imagine for a second you were suping up a D-reg Vauxhall Nova with the sole aim of making it go as fast as possible. If you were smart, you’d probably start with the engine, fine tuning it to ensure maximum performance. You might look at the wheels, the bodywork, you might shift out some of the seats because, well, it’s about performance not looks. Whatever the plan, you wouldn’t start with go faster stripes and a new paint job.

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Don’t slip up: 5 big brand mistakes all business owners make

Posted by Brian Hardie on Feb 27, 2018 3:20:07 PM

“I regard [rebranding] as the most asymmetrical corporate strategy of them all. There is literally no upside...there is only pain if you get it wrong. And inevitably it goes wrong a lot of the time.” So said columnist and marketing professor Mark Ritson in a recent article for Marketing Week.

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Marketing Theory for Non Marketers - Lead Generation

Posted by Brian Hardie on Feb 20, 2018 3:59:13 PM

“We need more leads!” The familiar cry of business leaders up and down the country.

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The hunt for customers – inbound vs outbound marketing

Posted by Brian Hardie on Feb 17, 2017 7:42:00 PM

On the hunt for customers, it’s important to pack the right equipment. A good marketers’ kitbag is filled with a mix of tools and maps, each tailored to catch a particular species of customer. In general, these tools can be described in two ways: as inbound or outbound marketing.

The difference is between shooting prey and setting a trap. So which should you use on your next hunting expedition?

Outbound Marketing

Sometimes described as ‘traditional marketing’ (or more unkindly, ‘old marketing’), outbound marketing has been around since the invention of the printing press. Outbound marketing relies on a business reaching out in search of customers, usually casting a very wide net in the process.

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Cold leads? Time to reactivate, says The Marketing Centre’s Brian Hardie

Posted by Brian Hardie on Dec 22, 2016 2:16:00 PM

Is it really worth sifting through cold leads hoping for results, rather than simply going out and finding new prospects to target? Absolutely, says The Marketing Centre’s Brian Hardie. Too often, leads go cold because the timing is not right for a customer. But circumstances change – cold leads shouldn’t be considered dead by a business. The question is when to warm them back up.

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Getting the most from your part-time marketing director

Posted by Brian Hardie on Oct 27, 2016 7:44:00 PM


As a business-owner, it makes little sense to spend time and money employing a full-time marketing manager when, for broadly the same sum, your business could benefit from an industry-leading marketing director. The benefits of working with a part-time marketing director are extensive. Through The Marketing Centre, growing businesses can bring tried-and-tested marketing experts in-house, in a flexible, cost-effective arrangement built around them. We’ve placed part-time marketing directors in hundreds of businesses across the UK, and the results speak for themselves.

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Is Facebook right for my business?

Posted by Brian Hardie on Feb 5, 2016 6:00:27 PM

December 2015 statistics from Zephoria show that usage of Facebook is huge, with 1.55 billion monthly active users across the globe - a 14% year on year increase. With a highly engaged, eminently targetable user base, it’s a marketer’s dream.

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Would you invite your Marketing Director to your Christmas do?

Posted by Brian Hardie on Dec 15, 2015 5:03:41 PM

At this time of year, there are three words that bring a strange mix of joy and trepidation to any UK worker that hears them…Office. Christmas. Party.

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