Business Insights

Business Insights

As you would expect having a whole team of experienced Marketing Directors gives us access to a wealth of diverse knowledge. We like to share it with you so you can have a clearer understanding of why and how things work, why things don’t always work out as planned, and most importantly what can be done about it.

    Recent posts of Brian Hardie:

    Is Selling On Amazon Right For My Business?
    With revenues of $30.4 billion in the second quarter of 2016, Amazon is by some margin the world’s largest online retailer. That’s great news for driven founder Jeff Bezos. But the field isn’t closed off: product-led businesses of all sizes can take a slice of the action by ‘reselling’ their products on the platform. Two million businesses currently sell via Amazon Marketplace, accounting for 40% of the site’s turnover. But while the Marketplace service offers massive e-commerce potential and easy-win benefits for a business’ bottom line, it’s not right for everyone. Luxury brands can suffer. Large product inventories can prove hard to handle, and retailers are at risk of copycat manufacturers on the site.
    To Shoot Or Trap: Inbound vs Outbound Marketing
    On the hunt for customers, it’s important to pack the right equipment.
    Cold Leads? Time To Reactivate
    Is it really worth sifting through cold leads hoping for results, rather than simply going out and finding new prospects to target? Absolutely, says The Marketing Centre’s Brian Hardie. Too often, leads go cold because the timing is not right for a customer. But circumstances change – cold leads shouldn’t be considered dead by a business. The question is when to warm them back up.
    Getting the most from your part-time marketing director
    As a business-owner, it makes little sense to spend time and money employing a full-time marketing manager when, for broadly the same sum, your business could benefit from an industry-leading marketing director. The benefits of working with a part-time marketing director are extensive. Through The Marketing Centre, growing businesses can bring tried-and-tested marketing experts in-house, in a flexible, cost-effective arrangement built around them. We’ve placed part-time marketing directors in hundreds of businesses across the UK, and the results speak for themselves.
    Have Social Media And GDPR Killed B2B Email Marketing?
    Social media is an undeniably crucial part of any modern B2B marketing strategy and as the halcyon days of ‘Myspace’ have given way to the Facebooks and the Instagrams, it’s understandable that businesses would scramble to grab a piece of every pie and establish a presence on every popular platform possible. With so many businesses investing so heavily in social media and with recent GDPR legislation making it more difficult for them to gain actionable data ‘the old fashioned way’, is B2B email marketing dead in the water? We don’t think so.

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