Business Insights

Business Insights

As you would expect having a whole team of experienced Marketing Directors gives us access to a wealth of diverse knowledge. We like to share it with you so you can have a clearer understanding of why and how things work, why things don’t always work out as planned, and most importantly what can be done about it.

    Recent posts of Brian Hardie:

    Is Facebook Right For My Business?
    December 2015 statistics from Zephoria show that usage of Facebook is huge, with 1.55 billion monthly active users across the globe - a 14% year on year increase. With a highly engaged, eminently targetable user base, it’s a marketer’s dream.
    Would you invite your Marketing Director to your Christmas do?
    At this time of year, there are three words that bring a strange mix of joy and trepidation to any UK worker that hears them…Office. Christmas. Party.
    Meet Our Marketing Experts: Brian Hardie
    Here’s a brand new feature for our news page: ‘Meet Our Marketing Experts’ this month introduces Brian Hardie from The Marketing Centre:

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