Business Insights

Business Insights

As you would expect having a whole team of experienced Marketing Directors gives us access to a wealth of diverse knowledge. We like to share it with you so you can have a clearer understanding of why and how things work, why things don’t always work out as planned, and most importantly what can be done about it.

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    Our Favourite Business Books Of 2018 Revealed
    “It's a great blessing if one can lose all sense of time, all worries, if only for a short time, in a book.” – Nella Last   We asked our proven part-time Marketing Directors for their favourite business books. Here’s what they told us.
    Measuring marketing results 1: Fundamentals of ROI
    Warren Buffett, as one of the richest men in the USA, knows a thing or twenty-nine about making money. His core rules include “Never lose money”, “Keep doing the same things and you keep getting the same results”, and, most importantly for us, “Never invest in something you cannot understand”. That last point absolutely applies to marketing. Many business leaders don’t entirely understand marketing. They know it has to be done, but not how - or how much it should cost. To pick one example, related to one marketing medium: a survey by MDG reveals that 44% of Chief Marketing Officers are unable to measure the impact of social media on their business at all, while only 20% say they can quantify that impact. And yet 73% of businesses are tracking their social media efforts - so what’s going wrong between the monitoring and the understanding?
    You’ve got £100 to spend on marketing. What do you do with it?
    If someone came to The Marketing Centre and asked us what marketing they should do with £100, we’d tell them they were asking a trick question. Effective marketing is strategic, not tactical, we’d say, and we’d have to have a good idea about their business’ goals, situation and marketplace before we could even contemplate our recommended tactic. And we’d still be reluctant to answer the question, even then, because a marketing budget should follow a business’ marketing strategy, not come before it.
    Is Writing Good Marketing Content Easy?
    Marketing is eating up more of the sales funnel than ever before. Before they even speak to your sales team, customers will have progressed more than 70% of the way toward their purchase decision. How? They will have checked out your website, read some blog posts, looked at sales videos, checked your ‘About us’ page, perhaps downloaded an eBook. They will have checked out your social media channels or subscribed to your newsletter. Simply put, they will have interacted with your content.
    The Marketing Centre Book Club: Essential Summer Reading
    As the American author Jeannette Walls said, one of the summer’s biggest benefits is the extra light to read by. In addition, of course, summer is synonymous with a well deserved two-week break, too - perfect for catching up on some reading time. It’s hard to know what’s worth your attention, though. There’s a lot of choice out there and your holidays are a precious chance to do read and learn with a clear mind. Often, your best thinking is done on holidays, so why waste it on a sub-par business book?   But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Below are a few crowdsourced book recommendations from The Marketing Centre’s marketing directors to help you find the perfect book for the holidays.

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