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Business Insights

As you would expect having a whole team of experienced Marketing Directors gives us access to a wealth of diverse knowledge. We like to share it with you so you can have a clearer understanding of why and how things work, why things don’t always work out as planned, and most importantly what can be done about it.

    Recent posts of Clare Methven:

    Email Marketing - Dead Or Alive?
    As part of our series on email marketing and social media, we’ve been talking to specialists in both areas and inviting them to share their insights. Lee Chadwick is Managing Director at CommuniGator, which offers an automatic service for generating leads through email marketing. We asked him how necessary this is in the age of social media, and what businesses stand to gain from making email part of their marketing strategy.
    Marketing Tools: The Smartest Ways To Spend £100
    There are some creative thinkers here at The Marketing Centre, so we thought we would ask them what gadgets, gizmos, tools or services they would invest in, if we thrust £100 into their hands. We think it is safe to say that we got a wide variety of answers, from a Periscope account and a Raspberry Pi, to multiple types of pencil. We did say they were original...
    Sales and Marketing Director? Split the roles...
    Marketers find the leads; sales personnel convert them. Simple. But often in business, particularly early on, it can be tempting to simply hand over marketing responsibilities to your salesperson, they’re both in the results business, right?
    How Can I Generate More Leads?
    Many of us think new leads = more business, and as a result we’re constantly on the hunt for the new. It’s a natural impulse, but most of the time it’s wrong. We’re not saying new leads aren’t important to B2B businesses, of course, but as many as 71% of inbound leads are wasted. The most common question clients ask us is how can I generate more leads? A better question is what am I doing with my current ones? No matter how much water you pour in, a leaky bucket will quickly empty. You may like: How The Marketing Centre got thrown out of the marketing magic circle So how can you make sure you’re making the most of what you’ve got? It’s all down to process and quality control.
    What's It Like Working With A Part-Time Marketing Director?
    The phrase ‘part-timer’ has garnered some seriously negative connotations over the years, all unwarranted and unfair in our eyes. And one of the most common questions our potential clients ask is how a part-timer can handle the workload of a marketing strategy. Can we deliver while only working part-time?

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