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How To Avoid A CRM Car Crash

Any CEO knows that customer information is a very valuable asset. And how you manage customer relationships is vital. 

So of course you need to implement systems to help you standardise and manage this… But we see countless CRM projects that fail, systems that are mis-used, under-used, or never used at all.

So why is this the project that fails most often? Why do we meet so many CEOs who despair at their company’s attempts to make this work? Why is this project the one most likely to end up as a car crash?

This CEO’s briefing explains what a CRM system is, why companies use them and presents 10 golden rules in avoiding a CRM project car crash! You can download the full briefing from our sister business, Freeman Clarke, here.


Freeman Clarke is the UK’s largest and most experienced team of part-time (we call it “fractional”) IT leaders. They work exclusively with ambitious organisations and frequently help their clients use IT to beat their competition. Visit their website: for more information.

If you find this CEO’s briefing relevant, you might find our article The Marketing Director’s view on CRMs of interest.


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Written by Lucy Hogarth

Lucy Hogarth is the Co-Founder of The Marketing Centre and specialises in working with small and mid-size businesses. She has over 25 years’ experience working in clients and marketing agencies focussing on retail, telecoms, construction and financial services.

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