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The Marketing Centre Update #10 - Take stock. Take action.

We’re hearing the same thing from almost all of our customers right now: “We’re ready to get back on track. What should we be doing?”

To help you kick 2020 back into gear, we’ve rounded up a whole bunch of great videos, webinars and written content to help you take stock and take action.

Webinar and workbook: Accelerate your business growth

If you feel like you can still hit your targets for the year but need some assistance getting started, our 2020 Accelerator Framework is here to help.

It’s a five-step process that will help you understand your position, set new goals and plan for growth. Get your free eBook. We’re also running a free interactive webinar for business leaders on the 30th July and the 12th August. Registrations are coming in fast - so don't delay.

Five steps to 5x your sales pipeline in 3 months

Five steps to 5x your pipeline in 3 months
A step-by-step guide to finding and targeting the ‘low-hanging fruit’ in your pipeline and getting them over the line.
Durham Lane #17 (2)
Video: What does your sales landscape look like in the new normal?
Sometimes, the fastest and most cost-effective way to grow a business is to focus not on new business, but on upselling or cross-selling to existing customers. In this post, we look at four ways you can increase the amount that your current customers are spending with you.
The simple way to measure customer satisfaction

Everyone knows that measuring NPS is important. But most people still aren’t doing it. And yet it’s more important than ever to be meeting/exceeding the expectations of your existing clients.

Here’s a simple process for gathering and using NPS data to improve your customer experience.

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