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Business Insights

The Marketing Centre Update #4 - Fuelling your Growth

If Marketing is the fuel of business growth, we're all hoping to get more miles per gallon in 2020. Despite ongoing (and new) economic uncertainties, you undoubtedly have ambitions to be shifting up a gear in 2020 - and better marketing can help you drive those plans.

Of course you'll be focusing on generating more leads, on converting existing leads, on upselling to your existing customer base - but supercharging your business with new hires, more efficient management of your clients, or fixing leaks in your sales pipeline could all give you the additional power you need for 2020. Read below for more on these less discussed aspects of growth.

How to find and fix leaks in your sales and marketing funnel


How to find and fix leaks in your sales and marketing funnel
Sales funnels are rarely perfect from the outset - they need continuous refinement over time. Here are the tell-tale signs that there are issues in your funnel, and how you can correct them and build a smoother path to purchase.
Should you outsource your marketing


Should you outsource your marketing?
Marketing is fundamental to the core functions of any business, so it’s vital that you get it right. Here’s how to work out whether to outsource it or not.
What is a CRM and does your business need one


What is a CRM and does your business need one?
A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system helps businesses to manage their day-to-day activities in many areas. Here, we explain their functions in detail - and help you to establish whether you need one.

Guest post - People Puzzles



What is your 2020 People Strategy?

January is a time to plan for the year ahead - and that’s why we spoke to our partner company People Puzzles, provider of part-time HR support, for their perspective. In 2020: The year to have great vision you’ll learn how to unlock your people strategy for this year by asking yourself seven questions. These questions span business strategy, leadership, culture, talent and structure, and are designed to help you to ensure that your 2020 is a success.


Kevin Witheford of Sealpac UK shares what it's like working with The Marketing Centre


Sealpac Testimonial

Sealpac UK are a leading supplier of high-speed food packaging machinery in the UK and Ireland. Kevin asked The Marketing Centre to help establish a marketing function for the business that delivered consistently and effectively to support his ambitious growth plans.



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