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The Marketing Centre Update #6 - How to avoid a CRM car crash

All too often your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform becomes the business equivalent of a head-on car crash.

Time and time again, we come across companies saying that their CRMs aren't delivering the expected benefits. Either it’s the wrong CRM, or the right processes have not been put in place to support its use.

CRMs are an essential business tool. But choosing the right one and getting the most out of it requires some careful thought. Get back in the driving seat by digesting the articles below. 

How to find an agency and manage the pitching process-1


What is a CRM and does your business need one?
Understanding what a CRM is and does is the first step towards getting a CRM that best meets your business needs:
How to choose a CRM for your business


How to choose a CRM for your business
Rushing headlong into comparing features is a common mistake. Before you start researching the platforms, you need to understand your own processes and priorities.
How to choose the right CRM for your business-1


What are the top CRMs?

The CRM market is seriously crowded. If you’re trying to decide which platform is right for you, here are five platforms we often see our customers using.

Expert insights

One of our marketing directors - Pete Jakob, offers some expert insights on how to ensure you have a successful CRM project:

Pete - How to implement a CRM SUBTITLED

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