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Business Insights

The Marketing Centre Update #7 - Marketing in a world reshaped by Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has redrawn the lines by which we all do business. Now is the time to demonstrate to your customers that you care about them as people as well as customers. Every person you do business with will, like you, be facing extraordinary challenges. You need to safeguard these relationships above all else.

This month, we suggest how to approach marketing during the crisis as we all continue to grapple with carrying out business during this time. One thing is clear: it’s important to bear in mind that the decisions you make now could set the context for how customers perceive your business for a long time to come.

Marketing Matters

Hear from Adam Sullivan, CEO, Baywater Healthcare, on how their SME business has adapted to current challenges:
Marketing Matters - Baywater Healthcare


Our Marketing Matters series provides insightful videos and on-demand webinar content that we hope will help you during these unprecedented times. In this video, Pete Jakob, Marketing Director at The Marketing Centre, talks to Adam Sullivan, CEO of Bayswater Healthcare, about how his business has adapted its processes to meet the new challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic.

You can catch all of the videos in the series here.

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The SME Resource Centre: helping your business through challenging times
Our new SME Resource Centre collects together pragmatic advice from our 90-strong group of Marketing Directors to bring you help and advice carefully tailored to meet the needs of SME. You’ll also find links to government and business sources.


Marketing in a world reshaped by Covid-19
For at least the next few months, the world as we knew it has changed. What does this mean to your approach to marketing? How can marketing help you rise out this storm, and pave the way for the better times that will come?
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Covid-19: An emergency marketing response

In any emergency, an overreaction can be just as damaging as no reaction. Here are some tips for how you can respond to the coronavirus crisis

Guest post - People Puzzles

Coronavirus in the Workplace - Top 10 Tips

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