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Business Insights

Making growth happen - our monthly newsletter volume #1

Welcome to the first in the series of our new "Making Growth Happen" newsletters: a monthly bulletin designed to help you to achieve your business growth goals through solid marketing.

Each month, we’ll bring you a combination of our own insight, plus relevant content from our partner companies and the wider world, to furnish you with plenty of marketing-related information and ideas to help your business to flourish.

So without further ado, let's begin our first installment...

Five Steps To 5X Your Sales Pipeline In 3 Months
Many believe that marketing teams focus on long-term growth - it’s sales who can grow a business in the short-term. But even short-term campaigns require strategic marketing thought. Rather than simply hammering a list with cold calls, try these five steps that can help to quintuple your sales pipeline in just three short months.
Improving The Relationship Between Sales & Marketing
Businesses with properly aligned sales and marketing teams achieve higher sales - and at a higher profit margin. While each team will see the same situation from different viewpoints, both are working towards the same short- and long-term goals - which is why a great relationship between the two is vital.
6 ways to improve your customer retention
Retaining existing customers is far cheaper and takes less time and effort than attempting to win new ones. So why do many B2B businesses focus more on lead generation than customer retention? Click for six ways to ensure you’re providing enough value for customers to stick around for the long-term.
Making marketing ROI work for your business
Our part-time Marketing Directors have put together a guide that shares how they define and measure ROI -  helping you to choose the right metrics for your marketing - take a peek at the guide below:
TMC ROI Shorter player
Recommended reads
Looking to achieve high growth levels in your business? Then make sure purpose is at the core of your strategy. [via Harvard Business Review]
Want to build a successful business that doesn’t run out of steam? Lily’s Kitchen founder, Henrietta Morrison, has some tips. [via Business Chief Europe]
What is the most important technology for future business growth? Machine learning could be the answer. [via]
Is Brexit really all bad for business? Lord Leigh of Hurley believes that it could boost tax-driven investment in seven different ways. [via Growth Business]
Finally, are you truly allowing your marketing agency to take the lead, or is risk aversion holding you back? [via Marketing Week]

Guest post

Why branding is essential in attracting and keeping employees
People Puzzles - 10 tips on recruiting the right people into a growing business
HR management and HR outsourcing company, People Puzzles, is one of The Marketing Centre’s Liberti Group partners - and they know a thing or two about finding great talent. How do you ensure you get the best candidate that will help take your business to the next level? Here are 10 tips to consider.
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