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Making growth happen - our monthly newsletter volume #3: SME marketing: Not just for Christmas

The festive season is well and truly upon us - and it’s a time of year that will be met with mixed reactions from the country’s SMEs.For some, it’s a peak buying season that is almost guaranteed to bring an uplift in revenue - often with no real additional effort. For others, it’s a time when customers cut back their spending, winding down until the new year arrives. Whichever category your business falls into, it’s vital that you focus on your growth strategy all year round. So how do you build that sustainable pipeline of year-round sales to improve your company’s cash flow and grow your business?

In this month’s newsletter, we share our advice on upselling and cross-selling to existing customers, measuring brand awareness, and on ensuring that your marketing activity is appropriate to the stage of your business’ growth. And with strong cash flow also vital to your success, we turn to our partner company, The FD Centre, for tips on ensuring that the financial side of things won’t hold you back.

Dither no more!

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At the Marketing Centre we believe that business leaders can take better control of their destiny by seizing the initiative from rivals who may pause. And if growing your business is very much on your agenda, there are some concrete, pragmatic steps you can take now. Watch this webinar and hear from our Home Counties Regional Director Brian Hardie as he shares five concrete actions to accelerate your business growth - something that can be incredibly powerful in uncertain times.
How to get your current customers to spend more-1


How to get your current customers to spend more
Sometimes, the fastest and most cost-effective way to grow a business is to focus not on new business, but on upselling or cross-selling to existing customers. In this post, we look at four ways you can increase the amount that your current customers are spending with you.


What marketing skills are required at each stage of your business’ growth
Each stage of a business’ growth carries its own unique challenges - and the skills present in the company’s marketing team should reflect that. Find out which skills are needed when, to support growth both today and in the future.
How to measure brand awareness-1


How to measure brand awareness?
Building brand awareness and perception should be a major business objective, if it isn’t already. As such, it needs the right measurements. Here’s how to quantify what you’re trying to achieve.

Guest post - The FD Centre


Where to find the cash you need

Our partner company, The FD Centre, helps entrepreneurs to scale rapidly, increasing cash, profit and company valuation so you can focus on running your business rather than the boring financial stuff. 

But this boring financial stuff is vital if you want to succeed. A lack of cash can not only stall a company’s growth - it can also place its very existence under threat.

So how do you access the cash your company really needs? Whether it’s from within your business or from external sources, this article explains how to promote business growth by improving your cash flow.

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