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    The Marketing Centre Update #9 - 5 questions to answer now
    The lockdown has been lifted, things are moving in the business marketplace. Now is the time to get on the front foot. 
    The Marketing Centre Launches 2020 Accelerator Framework
    The CEO’s Step-by Step Programme to Building a Growth Plan The Marketing Centre is proud to announce the launch of its first of a kind Do-It-Yourself Accelerator Framework. The programme sets out to make it easy for SME businesses to see clearly the steps needed to take it towards growth.
    The Marketing Centre Update #8 - Important questions every CEO should ask NOW…
    It feels like we’re in a new phase - lockdown is easing, kids are starting to return to school, and businesses are re-opening offices. But how to tackle what comes next? We all know ‘wait and see’ is not a winning strategy for growth. So how do we seize control of our future? We know we need to act… but where to start?
    The Marketing Centre Update #7 - Marketing in a world reshaped by Covid-19
    The Covid-19 pandemic has redrawn the lines by which we all do business. Now is the time to demonstrate to your customers that you care about them as people as well as customers. Every person you do business with will, like you, be facing extraordinary challenges. You need to safeguard these relationships above all else.
    The Marketing Centre launches C-19 SME Resource Hub
    Passionate about helping SME businesses through these challenging times In response to SME demand, The Marketing Centre has created The C-19 SME Resource Centre – providing the latest updates, video guides and practical and valuable content on Coronavirus and business. The C-19 SME Resource Centre collects pragmatic advice from The Marketing Centre’s 90-strong group of marketing directors who spend their lives working with SME’s. It brings together expertise and guidance from every business discipline including marketing, finance, IT and HR, plus links to government and business sources.

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