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We Develop And Grow Our South West Region

Sally Shuttleworth joins to develop and grow the South West region.

The Marketing Centre, the UK's number one provider of proven part-time marketing directors to ambitious  businesses, has added an additional region covering Bath & the South West of England, headed up by Sally Shuttleworth, who joins as the Regional Director. 

The South West region reaches all the way up into Swindon, adding additional support to the work done by John Courtney who heads up the Bristol and Wales team. 

Sally and her team are working with SME businesses in the area who are looking for a cost-effective experienced senior level marketing resource to supplement the existing initiatives and help drive further growth. They have already started working with businesses as far south as Bideford in Devon, developing marketing and sales support strategies. 

Having previously spent the last six years building The Marketing Centre in South Africa, which has over 25 marketing directors in three regions, Sally and her family moved from Cape Town to Bath in June this year. Whilst Sally continues to oversee the business in South Africa, she felt that managing a region in the UK would give her the opportunity to work with a new team and bring her expertise to the local area. 

Sally commented: “The Marketing Centre has a proven track record in over 10 regions across the UK already, and has nearly 90 highly experienced marketing directors working with hundreds of businesses to help them plan and implement measurable marketing strategies which really work. At the end of the day, this is because very few SMEs can afford, or want, a full time marketing director within their business. Therefore, having access to someone with proven skills on a part-time, long-term basis can make all the difference to their growth and success.

“In the South West, we have some incredible skills in the team crossing many different industries, which means we can provide a good match to most businesses. It’s exciting to be building a new team and being able to offer SMEs not just one marketing director, but a whole marketing team!” 

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