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The Marketing Centre Launches 2020 Accelerator Framework

The CEO’s Step-by Step Programme to Building a Growth Plan

The Marketing Centre is proud to announce the launch of its first of a kind Do-It-Yourself Accelerator Framework. The programme sets out to make it easy for SME businesses to see clearly the steps needed to take it towards growth.

Designed and road-tested by The Marketing Centre, using the combined knowledge and experience of over 80 Marketing Directors as input, The 2020 Accelerator Framework Programme is available as a downloadable step process, or as a guided free two-hour interactive webinar with accompanying detailed workbook. 

The Framework guides the business owner/director through a series of exercises in order to answer the following questions:

  • How has your context changed?
  • What have you learned about your business?
  • What are the new risks and opportunities?
  • What will you do in response?
  • How does your marketing need to change?

Clare Methven, co-founder of The Marketing Centre, said: “As businesses return to a sense of normality following lockdown, many will be looking towards future growth. The beauty of the Accelerator Programme is its combination of simple exercises designed so a CEO can work through either solo or with their leadership team, to arrive at an agreed growth action plan. 

“It’s tough leading a small or mid-size business at the moment, there has just been so much that’s changed – and will continue to change as this year progresses. We meet many business owners who are struggling to see a clear way through for their business. They are faced with a barrage of questions, possibilities and difficult decisions. That’s why we developed the 2020 Accelerator Framework to help bring some clarity and help build a clear growth plan.

“There’s plenty of advice out there for CEO’s most of it framed in big sweeping statements, this is the first step by step process to guide a way through to determining an actionable plan for your business.”

The 2020 Accelerator Framework Programme is available online, or as a guided free two-hour interactive webinar with accompanying detailed workbook.  To register for the next webinar visit the Eventbrite invitation.




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