Marketing Matters

Marketing Matters #7 - Case Study: How Scantec have adapted their business model

Recruitment agency Scantec share insights on how they are adapting their business and seizing opportunity during lockdown.

SME businesses overcoming the challenges and opportunities presented by C-19.

HubSpot Video

In this video recruitment specialists Scantec share their learnings on how they have been adapting their business in light of the current Covid-19 crisis, from:

  • Adjusting work practices and furloughing staff
  • Implications for the recruitment industry - embracing technology, remote working, online interviews etc.
  • How best to prepare for life after lockdown


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Written by Pete Jakob

Pete is UK Marketing Director for The Marketing Centre and specialises in marketing systems, data and processes for small and mid-size businesses. He has over 35 years’ experience working in technology and a variety of other sectors.

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