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10 Ideas For Better Content Marketing

There comes a time when anyone with a website will ask themselves the key question:

"What can I do to make my website more appealing to visitors?"

Perhaps just as important is the second question that get's asked:

"What can I do to get more visitors?"

Quite often I come across companies who think the answer to the first question is to build a new website, and the common answer to the second question is to spend money on an online advertising programme.

Actually both questions quite often have the same answer. Improve your content marketing.

But how? Where do you start? what do you do first? Isn't it really complicated?

No, it's not that complicated, but it is time consuming, and you need some background information to help you determine where to start, and what order of priority. So let's take a look at a list of 10 ideas for better content marketing

1. Take the artwork from an infographic and have it broken down so that you can create a SlideShare presentation

Slideshare is a brilliant platform for getting your message out to a wider audience, you can even set it up to generate sales leads on a PPC basis.

2. Use Google Analytics to identify the most popular existing blog posts

This will tell you what your site visitors are really interested in, but don't just look at the basic data, drill down and investigate the visitor path, that is, the page before the blog post and the page after, are your visitors using your website in the way you want them to?

3. Research alternative phrases and create extra posts

Now you know which blog posts are the most popular, start creating more content around those topics, this will help drive an increase in site visitors, and keep them on the website for longer. Don't forget to post links within these blog posts to related articles. Use tracking tags (see Point 10) to measure the effectiveness.

4. Repeat #2 but for your services / product pages

Nothing more to say, except read Point 2

5. Create blog posts based on most popular services / product content

This might begin to sound like a lot of work, and it is, but you want to sell more stuff, don't you? And you don't need to do it all in one go, see Bonus Point 11 for details!

6. Identify pages that are visited after 2 or 3 clicks, research and create blog posts that support them

This is the really interesting data, if someone is on your site and visiting 3 or more pages then this tells us one of a number of key points:

your website is so bad that they got lost - unlikely, if it was that bad they would visit a competitor site
your website is full of information related to their needs - a great buying signal
Make sure you exploit this information, put these pages and posts at the top of the list for Point 2 and Point 4

7. Do some off page SEO by reposting to Google+

You have got a Google+ page, haven't you?

8. Use Lead Forensics or a similar tool to track use of deep content

What I love about tools like Lead Forensics are that they are the secret weapon in your arsenal for becoming a digital marketing powerhouse. These types of tools tell you who has been on your website, so even if they haven't completed a web-form (about 98% of your visitors won't) you can at least identify the company that visited your website. Once you know this information, head straight to Point 9.

9. Take blog posts and turn them into email content to support deep content data provided by your IP lookup software

There is no point knowing who came to your website if you can't do anything with the information. So, a quick fix is to take existing content from your website and repurpose it into email marketing content. Then, having identified the company who visited your website, you can then send emails to all the people in that organisation who match your buyer persona. If you use an email marketing system with tracking software, then you can identify the people who opened the email and those who clicked on a link - now you have a warm lead. Be brave, get on the phone and call them. They won't bite you, the may even buy from you!

10. Rework your Google Analytics campaign tracking tags to provide a better analysis of site performance

This is a whole area of expertise in it's own right, but don't panic, Google have plenty of videos and free online training courses designed to take a novice and turn them into a website traffic geek who can turn content marketing into sales gold. Just do it.

Bonus Point 11 - do not feel overwhelmed by the amount of content that you need to create based on these 10 ideas for better content marketing. Create a spreadsheet and build a content editorial schedule. Use it to prioritize the order and timing of content production, aim to create a new piece every 2 weeks to start with, and then ramp it up to once a week when it becomes a habit rather than a chore.

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