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2015 Marketing Trends

The 2015 marketing trends survey shows an interesting development on previous year surveys.

We are seeing a divergence appearing between companies on their willingness and ability to retain investments into
marketing. While there is a general feeling of confidence continuing on from last year, we have a growing group who are looking to reduce their marketing team and to cut their marketing budget.

What is interesting is that it is predominantly the larger companies who are making the cuts. This divergence in approach shows that the majority of organisations are continuing to ensure investment and cash are available for marketing whether it is marketing activities or team resources. 85% of organisations are retaining or increasing their marketing spend compared to previous years.

In a similar trend organisations are retaining or increasing their marketing teams. This is an encouraging affirmation for the UK that businesses are continuing their growth programmes after the previous cash and spend constraints.

The divergence between those who are using marketing to gain growth and those who are forced to cut spend is highlighted through the growing number of organisations who are increasing the size of their marketing team, it is almost double the size on the previous year. The active recruitment is already stimulating movement within the market as Marketing Directors feel confident about seeking new roles.

While the overall trends demonstrate a positive approach to marketing, it has been shown that there is a small, but
growing, group of organisations who are experiencing difficulties in both funding marketing teams and in providing a
marketing budget. The ability to demonstrate and understand the value that marketing brings to an organisation is often difficult to quantify. It is one of the ongoing challenges for Marketing Directors to clearly vocalise the competitive advantages of their effective marketing strategies.

The other interesting development of notes is the remarkable convergence in priorities for the first time; there is now one shared top priority for the business and marketing. This is a clear demonstration of the important role marketing can play within the business growth agenda. The top strategic marketing priority for Marketing Directors and for the business leaders in 2015 is developing client relationships.

Marketing have a surprising new second priority though, products and services has overtaken sales in where they are
focusing effort. It seems that the convergence of sales and marketing was a transient phase. Marketing Directors are
retreating to their traditional arena, demonstrated by a more equal spread across the marketing activities, in marked contrast to the business which seems to place little importance on those marketing activities (ie brand, pr, advertising, exhibitions) which are more difficult to actively track and monitor in terms of their ability to deliver direct sales.

The major game-changer consideration on the Marketing Directors‘ radar is last year’s number two; customers driving
change is now the main consideration for Marketing Directors with Big Data falling into second place. It would appear that the problem of how to extract real value from the client data we hold continues to be elusive; instead the immediate opportunity lies in engaging customers within product/services lifecycles more effectively, thus using an informed customer base as part of product and service development.

Overall the results show a continuing confidence on last year’s findings. As a result marketing is a strong component of the plan to deliver the business objectives and generate the sales to help deliver the growth agenda.

With the increasing marketing role opportunities, combined with the business commitment to marketing, there are some
exciting opportunities for Marketing Directors over the coming 12 months.

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