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Business Insights

2015 Marketing Trends Survey Results

As a network of part-time Marketing Directors, gaining insight across the team as well as from our wider contacts is essential to understanding the value being placed on effective marketing as a route to business growth.

Marketing Director Anna Hutton-North, conducts an annual survey across a wide range of businesses, and we are excited to reveal today the results of the 2015 Marketing Trends Report:

  • Good news: 85% of organisations are retaining or growing investment in their marketing spend
  • Challenging times: Marketing Directors are often required to clearly vocalise the competitive advantages of their effective marketing strategies, demonstrating the value they bring directly to the business
  • Prioritise client relationships: engaging with the client and maintaining that relationship is this year's number 1 strategic marketing priority
  • Promoting products and services is catching up with  top priority generating sales, with a growing trend of broadening the marketing mix, revisiting brand marketing, PR or exhibitions
  • Customer engagement during a product development cycle has taken the top spot as a game-changer, moving reliance on extracting value from customer data down to second place
  • Exciting opportunities for Marketing Directors with increased numbers of marketing roles and a reinforced commitment to marketing to help deliver business growth

Read Anna's full report here

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