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Business Insights

As you would expect having a whole team of experienced Marketing Directors gives us access to a wealth of diverse knowledge. We like to share it with you so you can have a clearer understanding of why and how things work, why things don’t always work out as planned, and most importantly what can be done about it.

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    5 Ways You Can Use Linkedin As A Lead Generation Tool
    LinkedIn is a great platform for connecting, finding work and sharing content. But have you ever thought of using LinkedIn for lead generation? Read our top 5 tips. 1. Engage with your connections by liking, sharing and commenting on their posts. All LinkedIn users feel a sense of satisfaction when their posts spark engagement. If you’ve got something interesting to say about your connections posts then say it! Pay particular attention to those who you would like to do business with. 2. Send a direct message to connections you haven’t spoken to in a while. Why not simply message your connections asking how their work is going and maybe suggesting a catch up? This is a great way to re-open doors that may have closed. 3. Join and contribute to LinkedIn Groups. Why not think outside your network? Join relevant groups to your industry and contribute to discussions. By engaging in LinkedIn Groups you are increasing the awareness of your profile and your business. Share your expertise and knowledge, provide links to articles you have written relevant to that topic to encourage them to visit your website. You can also post your blogs directly into groups as another way of sharing your expertise with group members. You might want to think about starting your own LinkedIn group. Do some research into which groups already exist on LinkedIn and fill a gap that you see to be viable. This can help promote your business and skills by creating a space to chat and discuss topics relevant to your group and your business. Remember to let your LinkedIn connections know about your group by posting an update. 4. Write interesting and informative articles and post them onto LinkedIn Pulse. LinkedIn Pulse is LinkedIn’s article platform. This is a great opportunity to show off your expertise and skills with your connections and will increase your brand presence. Your posts could lead to new opportunities. Why not include video’s, images and snippets to bring your articles alive. 5. If you send email campaigns are you sending them to your LinkedIn connections? Sending email campaigns to your LinkedIn connections is easy, you simply export the connections to your email software, meaning your business gains greater publicity and awareness by expanding your emailing list with warm prospects. You can do this by clicking on the following link
    5 Tips For Effective Lead Generation In 2017
    Lead generation, especially in a connected, content-rich world, is a multi-step process. While prospects may be halfway through the process before they contact you, don’t expect them to buy your services immediately. If they are not ready to buy yet, tell them your story, educate them with your knowledge and expertise and allow them to reach out to you when, where and how they wish to do so. Here are 5 simple tips to help you generate more enquiries for your business. 1. A prominent call to action – every website has at least one page of content. What do you want your visitors to do at the end of it? Is the call to action clear? Is the contact information on your website mobile-friendly? Do you publish articles or press releases? If so, do they contain links to your contact form, email address and internal links to your services pages? Content marketing is more likely to fail when the recipient of the message isn’t clear about what to do with it. Help them to buy from you. 2. Are you gathering customer data from other places on your website or social media channels and better yet warming them up for a sale? If you only have a contact form why not think about adding an email newsletter sign up button, free guide or whitepaper, free assessment, or membership offer to expand your reach? This doesn’t just have to sit on your website but can also be pinned on your social media channels. 3. Once you have the data, start thinking about your lead nurturing strategies to educate prospects throughout their buying journey, this is a great way to warm them to you. That way, new leads become familiar with your company over time, and once they are ready to engage with your company, you will have a much better chance of them becoming a customer. 4. Ensure your marketing messages are relevant and engaging. Think about the world through your customers’ eyes. Each one of us is inundated by marketing messages that are irrelevant. Take the time to pay attention to what your audience wants to hear and learn. Eliminate waste, and create marketing that adds value to your audience. More importantly, make sure that your focus is on engagement, not on sales. When writing your content do not be afraid to give too much away, provide people with enough information and tips to make them want to pick up the phone and find out how you can help them. 5. Are you making the most of your contact database? So many businesses hold a database of contacts and do nothing with it. Think about how you can reach out to your prospects or existing clients. Don’t let this data go to waste when it could be bringing in new business or waking up a lapsed customer. Use regular marketing channels like email, LinkedIn, and direct mail to stay in touch and inform your contacts of relevant content and news that adds value. Have a strategy or find a marketing coach to create one. Your marketing strategy is a living, breathing, dynamic thing. It moves with your business and the market, it should adapt to results, business changes and customer needs. You must measure activity and adjust your strategy accordingly on a regular basis. For example, by studying the behaviour of your website visitors, you will get critical clues on how to refine strategies to improve engagement and conversion over time.
    6 ways marketing can help your sales team hit target, right now
    Marketing can have an immediate and significant impact on your sales. We’ve provided some top tips on how marketing and sales can work together to boost revenue. 1. Review your existing products and packages and the customer buying process. Can you upsell your products with add-ons or upgrades? Is it easy and smooth for people to buy your products? Reviewing the customer experience is an essential foundation before you promote any add-ons through targeted email, direct mail and social media to warm up your audience. 2. Your existing customers should be the easiest to market and sell to. Review your existing audience to assess their receptiveness to other services you offer. Consider promotions, bundles and upgrades that add real benefit to your customers. Using your data from your website (see point 3 below) you can also prompt your existing customers with selected products and/or services they have shown interest in. Personalisation is key here, to ensure the messages you are sending out are relevant to that particular customer. 3. Using all your data sources all of the time. On your website you will have Blog subscribers, newsletter sign ups, contact forms and maybe live chat buttons to help you to build up your database of prospects. You can also find out which companies are visiting your website through Google Analytics and insight tools such as Lead Forensics or Leadroid. By gathering this data, sales teams have interested prospects in their hands, with intelligence about their interests in your company. 4. Use your website to publish your expertise and experience. Articles containing top tips or sharing valuable insights will show potential customers that you are experts in your field. You should also have customer case studies and testimonials on your website to give your prospects an idea about how you work and the results they can expect if they choose you. 5. Make the most of LinkedIn to stay in touch. LinkedIn is fast becoming the most popular sales tool. With access to all your clients, suppliers and partners, you can keep in touch, check employee movements and company news. This type of update can potentially turn from one client to two. Reach out to your client in their new company, find out if your services or products are required there and also contact their previous company and speak to their replacement to introduce yourself as a provider. You might also want to consider LinkedIn Sales Navigator as another way of reaching potential customers. Don’t let opportunities get stuck! Quite often sales opportunities can get stuck in the decision-making loop. Marketing can support sales efforts by looking at proposals and deals that are not converting and seeing what fresh marketing content and support can be provided to the prospect to help overcome concerns or objections.

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