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Business Insights

How To Create A Truly Dynamic Strategic Growth Plan

“We have a clear strategy”

“Everyone understands the plan and agrees with the strategy”

“We regularly review and recalibrate the strategy”


Whilst you might agree with the first statement and could argue a decent case on a good day for the second, are you guilty of confining your best laid plans to the Z drive as soon as you’ve pressed save?

If the thought of creating a truly dynamic strategic growth plan leaves you cold, then you may be cheered to hear that it’s easier than you think – and it’s most certainly worth a little effort.

Your plan can turn your hopes and dreams for your business into reality – by creating specific, achievable and measurable goals, and building the foundations for sustained success.

Well crafted, a robust growth plan will provide you – and the rest of your organisation – with a clear framework for better decision making, driving real efficiency improvements, whilst also providing a mechanism to support resource allocation.  At a time when we are all asked to achieve more, with less, taking a more structured approach to planning – with regular reviews – pays dividends. Literally.

How to make the right strategic choices:

  • Analyse the profitability of each segment
  •  Identify areas of sustainable competitive advantage
  •  Identify opportunities to strip out / divest
  •  Identify key growth areas, consistent with core skills
  •  Address areas in decline
  • Consider the key factors that will maximise the value of your business


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