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Business Insights

How To Share Your Vision With Your Team

You know what you want to achieve from your business.

You have a clear plan. 

You’ve even written the best bits down, somewhere…

But do all the people around you understand the plan?  Do they even know that there is a plan?  Or are the employees you rely on to deliver your preferred future state left somewhat in the dark?

Sharing your vision and objectives with your team may sound obvious – but for many business owners and Directors it’s wrongly assumed that the people around them have an implicit understanding of the big picture, and the formal communication of your objectives is pushed to the bottom of the heap.

Creating and clearly communicating your vision in your organisation – using simple, clear messages – can have a dramatic impact on performance.  Without it, many will, unknowingly, be heading way off track.

Why does my role matter?

Clearly explaining your plan and objectives for the business helps everyone understand the bigger picture. 

No matter an employee’s job title or level or seniority, they need to understand their role in the delivery of the plan – and they need to understand the dynamics of the environment in which they are working.

A well communicated plan - explained in language everyone can understand - is the best way to drive real and lasting change in your organisation, by developing a common view and purpose.   Your people will feel motivated, respected and empowered leading to real ownership and accountability.

The team will also become more aware of the benefits of success and understand how to minimise the risk of failure. Creating this culture of transparency through regular reviews and feedback sessions raises performance and allows everyone to focus on delivery.

Whether you choose to share your ambitions with your team on an individual basis, or you enjoy an audience, by engaging with your best asset – your people – you will certainly find that you get more than you give.

“I wish we had some clearer direction.” anonymous

A real example from a business which shall remain anonymous – completely new to a state of the nation style address and with employees keen to be included in the vision – shared a succinct update, involved the teams in future plans and challenges and, as a result, generated over 110 business improvement ideas from under 40 people, providing an ongoing pipeline of margin enhancement to the tune of over £52,000 annual savings – all for a couple of days of review and planning effort.

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