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Marketing Guide To Success 2015

Developing a Marketing Advantage

The results of the 2014 Marketing Trends Survey gave some astonishing findings. Business is seeing a blurring of the
boundaries between sales and marketing, resulting in an expectation that marketing prioritises its efforts on those areas of the marketing mix which will help directly generate sales.

Over a third of the organisations who responded felt that the emphasis needed to be on customer relations (retaining and winning) and achieving sales. This may well be as a result of increasing confidence in the economic climate; the
majority of companies are willing to retain or increase marketing spend this year presumably in order to win more work,
starting a virtuous growth cycle.

The rise of the social-consumer means marketing rethinking its approach. The organisation needs to become customercentric, recognising that customers are its most valuable asset. How to use the information held on customers to create an enhanced buying experience remains one of the elusive marketing tests. While recognising that big data has real value to a company, the difficulty remains in how to translate data into insights which deliver tangible results.

As customers become more selective in the way they choose to interact with companies, marketing has to work harder
to create compelling marketing material which are is appealing and compelling.

For the Marketing Director the greatest challenge comes from the destruction of the traditional marketing mix. The strategy for 2014 has to be targeted and focused, concentrating its resources and budget on those activities which will
deliver sales.

Developing strong ‘personal’ relationships based on trust and respect between the customer and the company maintains real-time, proactive interaction, whether this is face-to-face or online. It is all about establishing trust and integrity.

Success therefore is a marketing strategy which is trust-based. By acting as the customers’ advocate, the company can enjoy improved customer retention and stable revenue streams.

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